Timemore C2 Max manual coffee grinder


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  • Timemore C2 Max is a larger upgrade of Timemore C2.
  • Large grind amount(40g).
  • Stainless steel burr.
  • Supported by ball-bearing for smoother grinding.
  • Stable grind size with 2 fixed ball-bearing.
Item weight

480 gram

Weight per grinding

40-45 gram per grinding

Grind type

Moka, Phin filter & Pour-over


Chestnut 38mm

Blade material

Stainless steel SUS420

Body material

Aluminum alloy



Timemore C2 Max manual coffee grinder

Keep Fresh Coffee Flavor Everday – Indulge your coffee desires TIMEMORE professional coffee grinders are made of high quality materials. If you turn the hand crank clockwise, you can feel the beans being broken and ground, release the rounded and intense flavor of the coffee beans. Enjoy the wonderful grinding experience by hand only! Allow you to grind the right amount before brewing, ensuring you get the freshest and most delicious coffee everyday!


✦Adjustable Coarseness Settings: Clockwise rotate get finer powder; Anti-Clockwise rotate get coarser powder.

✦Convenient To Use with No Noise: With no battery, no electric needed, the hand coffee grinder helps you enjoy quiet mornings without any noise.

✦Easy To Clean & Simple To Carry: Easy to disassemble for cleaning. With compact & portable size, perfect for camping, hiking or travelling.

Manual Timemore Lite C2 Max package:

  • Grinder body with a coffee storage.
  • Burr with a plastic handle.
  • Manual use provided.
  • A brush for pro coffee grinder.
  • Travel case included.

Adjust grind size with Timemore C2 Max

The Timemore C2 Max’s grind size adjustment by turning the “click” at the bottom of the top of the jar helps users to precisely fine-tune the grind size, avoiding screwing during the grinding process.

Timemore C2

How to adjust

  • Remove the coffee pocket, turn the Timemore C2 Max blender upside down and turn the knob clockwise all the way to the fine direction until it can no longer be rotated,  now it is counted as 0 (“zero click”)
  • Then slowly release and rotate towards “coarse”. Each time you turn a step of the mortar, it will “click” lightly. Count the number of clicks to get your desired grind size.

Recommendation for grind size with Manual Timore C2 Max

  • Espresso: 11-14 clicks.
  • Pour Over: 18-24 clicks
  • French Press: 20-30 clicks


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