Ancap Espresso Arca Di Noe Collection – 70ml


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  • 06 Espresso cups collection with 06 different colors.
  • Premium porcelain material, heat resistance.
  • Designed for the best Espresso flavor.
  • 70ml capacity, optimal use for Double Shot Espresso.
  • Made in Italy.
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Ý (Italia)

Ancap Espresso Arca Di Noe Collection

Ancap Arca Di Noe Collection Espresso Cup Set is a collection of 6 Espresso cups and is decorated with 6 different colors, each color has its own style with different patterns, inspired by animals on Noah’s Ark. All Ancap cups are made of high quality, where coffee flavor focusing is central of the design.

Ancap Espresso Porcelain Cup Set is made from high quality ceramic glaze. This is the best material to make espresso cups since porcelain is a neutral material and it doesn’t make coffee smell. In addition, the good heat retention of porcelain helps to maintain the temperature inside the coffee cup to be uniform as always. Porcelain glaze color is pearl white, both aesthetically pleasing, exposing elegance, and helping to observe the color and layers of espresso ingredients inside the cup.

Besides, the cup has a perfect thickness and mouthpiece design, allows you to experience the best cup of coffee. The cup has a capacity of 70ml, just about enough capacity for an espresso combined with a thick base to optimize heat retention. The bottom of the cup is curved to contribute to the circulation of the crema layer to the top. When stirring with a spoon, the layers in the Espresso will easily blend together.

This is considered as the perfect Espresso cup with every detail that has been meticulously analyzed and researched by the company to satisfy the most demanding coffee lovers.

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